Analysis of the Keurig Website

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The Keurig website is a site that mainly focuses to promote their brewer products and sell them to consumers. They also have many different products to accompany their brewing systems that they have to offer. This website is indeed helpful and professional since it clearly promotes the product and allows for easy navigation. It not only lets you shop for the product but also has a section dedicated to customer service where the audience can view videos about their products. The navigation is fairly easy to follow and the design makes it easy to read and manipulate. In order to prove that this website is helpful and professional I will be analyzing the design, content, usefulness, and how it’s organized. When you first go to the home page it has a well-developed and effective design. The colors complement each other and the white text contrasts nicely with the maroon, black, and mustard, making it easy to read and user friendly. The main navigation menu is at the top right after their logo and company name. When you go the store option they have their three main brewing systems and the names of them along with visuals of each system and products that you can choose for each system. If you already know what brewing system you are looking for you can also just go to the brewing system tab instead of the store one and find each separate system listed. The next tab is the beverages tab

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