Analysis of the Overall Business Environment of M&S

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1. Introduction
The main purpose of the research is analysing the overall business environment of M&S. The research will be carried out to identify the current issues facing by M&S as a specialist strategic marketing consultant. It explores the relationship between stakeholders and perception of customer attitude toward the organisation. In addition, it finds out the competitive position with rivals, sustainability strategy, marketing tactics, and management structure of communication system, which is presented through strategic audit. However, this analysis helps to understand the clear marketing strategic position of M&S. The research is gathering the evidences of strength and weakness, which is useful to determine future
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Because of higher competitors (John Lewis, Sainsbury, Debenhams, Next, etc.) customers have various choices of shopping that increase their bargaining power in the substitute market. However, M&S is doing very well to build up trust and customer relationship through different activities. For examples, the Big Beach Clean-up program has engaged about 5000 customers in 2013 and Swopping scheme collected a total 3.8 million clothes from customers that raised the £2.3m for Oxfam (MarksandSpencer, 2013). However, the loyalty scheme and involving customers in ‘Plan A’ project, M&S slowly get back their position.
4.2 Findings
M&S is a leading retailer and improving the store layout across the UK (PLC, 2013). The SWOT Analysis in Appendix IV identified different issues recently facing by M&S, but only the major issues are highlighted in this report.
a) Sales decrease in Women’s clothing and General Merchandise
M&S market share in women’s wear down from 10.4% to 9.9% in 2013, which is the main source of revenue. Conversely, the brand position is declined in last 2 years because the customers were moved in variety of inexpensive, high fashionable substitutes (BrookIntellignceCentre, 2013). CEO Marc Bolland says they delivered higher performance in general merchandise, but the unfavourable weather condition hit the sales figure unexpectedly (BBC, 2014; Ruddick, 2014). Mr
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