Analyzing Different Attributes Of A Car And Main Problem

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Business Problem:
I want to analyze different attributes of any particular car and main problem is finding out specification of an auto in terms of various characteristics and analyzing risking-factor of given autos with respect to given attributes of automobile. By such problem I will get analytical, statistical and in-depth visualization for analysis of given automobile. It would help for customers as well as for vendors in understanding multi- automobile characteristics in comprehensible way.
How (precisely) will a data mining solution address the business problem?
Data mining is having such techniques and algorithms that helpful in finding analytics from given data set, and helps in finding association
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Note: Several of the attributes in the database could be used as a "class" attribute. This data set having 205 instances and 26 attributes. Attributes are of type categorical, Integer and Real. This is multivariate data set.
Attribute Information: Attribute: Attribute Range
1. symboling: -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3.
2. normalized-losses: continuous from 65 to 256.
3. make: alfa-romero, audi, bmw, chevrolet, dodge, honda, isuzu, jaguar, mazda, mercedes-benz, mercury, mitsubishi, nissan, peugot, plymouth, porsche, renault, saab, subaru, toyota, volkswagen, volvo
4. fuel-type: diesel, gas.
5. aspiration: std, turbo.
6. num-of-doors: four, two.
7. body-style: hardtop, wagon, sedan, hatchback, convertible.
8. drive-wheels: 4wd, fwd, rwd.
9. engine-location: front, rear.
10. wheel-base: continuous from 86.6 120.9.
11. length: continuous from 141.1 to 208.1.
12. width: continuous from 60.3 to 72.3.
13. height: continuous from 47.8 to 59.8.
14. curb-weight: continuous from 1488 to 4066.
15. engine-type: dohc, dohcv, l, ohc, ohcf, ohcv, rotor.
16. num-of-cylinders: eight, five, four, six, three, twelve, two.
17. engine-size: continuous from 61 to 326.
18. fuel-system: 1bbl, 2bbl, 4bbl, idi, mfi, mpfi, spdi, spfi.
19. bore: continuous from 2.54 to 3.94.
20. stroke: continuous from 2.07 to 4.17.
21. compression-ratio: continuous from 7
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