HP Case Study Essay

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1. Analyze how people, information, and information technology help the company remain competitive in their industry.
New products and category innovation define and redefine the computer hardware and software industry and its landscape. Lately, we’ve seen even greater volatility than usual, and it has begun to affect the makeup of hardware and software companies themselves (Casey & Hagen, 2015). The structure some technological companies were built upon is becoming a thing of the past as more strict customers force companies to take upon mergers, acquisitions and/or split ups to achieve the desired financial performance.
Hewlett-Packard (HP), as many companies, has been forced to modify their strategy in order to remain competitive in the corporate business as well as the printer and personal computer segment of the hardware and services industry. On its efforts to keep up with continuous market fluctuations, HP separated into two companies with quite distinct markets, with quite distinct customers, being able to move faster to take advantage of the changing customer needs and accelerating the company’s products and innovation road map (Clark, 2014).
Corporate transitions, whether to a new industry or business model or to a new innovation process, often reveal the fissures in in organization’s culture, and create a need for culture change and HP has ample experience with this (House, 2015). In November 2014, HP announced that the original company was splitting in two. HP

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