Anaphase 2 Lab Report

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This happens in meiosis 2 which happens after meiosis 1. Metaphase 2 happens after prophase 2. In metaphase 2 spindle fibers form from the centrioles which are found on the opposite ends of the cell and grab the chromosome at the kinetochore region on the centromere. Once the cell grabs the chromosomes they align them at the center of the cell at the equator. Spindle fibers attach to the kinetochore of each of the chromosome and align it in the center. Anaphase 2 happens after metaphase 2. In anaphase 2 the spindle fibers begin to contract in which they move and separate the 2 chromatids within the chromosome. The spindle fibers then pull on the chromosome on both ends and separate the chromatids. In anaphase 2 the chromatids are genetically

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