Ancient Egypt : A Dominant Empire

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Ancient Egypt: A Dominant Empire
Zack Horton
Lincoln Charter School

October 11th, 2015
Mr. Thomas
Honors World History

Ancient Egypt’s empire was one of the most dominant of the ancient world. Egypt had several periods of great success followed by a change in Egypt’s power. Along with Ancient Egypt’s culture, they also had an amazingly strong religious system and beliefs. The Egyptian Empire was constantly making advancements and mastering different fields of knowledge and creation. Ancient Egypt had astounding religious beliefs, a vast amount of knowledge in a wide area of fields, and several shifts in power. Ancient Egyptian culture was constantly making and recording many discoveries about the human anatomy. Ancient Egypt is most likely the origin of anatomical sciences and they used their knowledge of the human anatomy to create medicine. For example, “they did what they could to prevent illness, by bathing and purifying their bodies habitually, shaving off their head and body hair (women included), and staying with a diet that excluded many “unclean” animals (including fish)” (“Ancient Egyptian Medicine: The Study and Practice of Medicine in Ancient”, 2012). No society can ever completely escape disease, so the Egyptians learned about the human body and started to create remedies for illnesses. Once the Ancient Egyptians became doctors, they specialized in different fields just like modern doctors. For example “these fields

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