Ancient Egypt And Ancient Egyptian Civilization

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The Ancient Egyptian Civilization
The Ancient Egyptians society is what I think is the best civilization that ever lived. Ancient Egypt was a civilization of ancient Northern Africa, concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River in what is now the modern country of Egypt. It is one of six civilizations globally to arise independently. From the great pyramids of the military conquests of the New Kingdom, Egypt’s majesty has long entranced archaeologists and historians and created a vibrant field of study all its own: Egyptology. Then ancient Egyptian worshipped many gods and goddesses. Gods were worshipped in temples run by priests. Only on occasions was the god brought out and shown to the public. Small domestic statues were used by normal Egyptians to worship the gods and goddesses in their own homes. The afterlife seems to have been intimately connected to the preservation of the physical body by mummification. Ancient Egypt’s economy was based on agriculture. The great majority of the people were peasant farmers. Because of the fertile nature of the Nile Valley, they were able to produce the large surplus which sustained the refined lifestyle of the Pharaoh and his court, his officials, the priests and all the other members of the elite. Peasants also provided the mass labor which built the pyramids and temples along the Nile Valley. In Egypt, complex societies grew on the banks of the Nile River, and by the third millennium BCE their peoples created a

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