And Values Of The Future Generations

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When thinking about what is necessary to pass on to the future generations, people of different ages and backgrounds consider what is critical to vary. During and after the interview I had with my mother discussing what advice and concepts we want the future generations to know, it was evident how we similarly and differently saw the world. When our answers were the same, it was typical because my mother has instilled what she thinks are important values in me. When our answers where different, however, it could occasionally be blamed on the generational gap between us or the difference in values based on when we were raised. It is evident that my mother and I want the future people of our society to have many of the same qualities we try to exhibit every day. The similarities between the two sets of answers was astonishing. In fact, about half of my mother and my answers were identical or had a different phrasing of an identical idea. For our concepts, we both though that it is important to be self-sufficient or self-reliant. This way of thinking is something both my grandmother and mother value, so it must have been passed onto me. The second concept that we both had in common was to find one’s personal truth and listen to others points of view. These may seem different, but in my answer of listening to others points of view, the main outcome of that is to create one’s own idea from others. This relates to my mother’s answer of finding inner truth because both concepts

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