Andy Sachs's Love For Fashion

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Andy Sachs, a young aspired journalist, seeking for a job finds herself employed by Runway Magazine, a fashion magazine as an Assistant to the Chief Editor. While initially accepting the position, Andy had to learn the details of the job and the culture of the business. However, Andy took on the challenge and felt that she could manage the hideous culture of fashion, behaviors, and attitudes of her coworkers in order to survive for at least a year until she finds a journalist position of her liking.

The perception of people who involve themselves in this line of career, according to Benedictus (2009) are those that have a “love for fashion, that's why they’re doing it. It's almost like a little bit of a social atmosphere when you come in every day. Like when girls go out at night and they see what each other is wearing. It's nice.” But in Andy’s case, she felt that it was just a job and the fashion was not her purpose for accepting the job at Runway. She initially did not buy into the culture of fashion and continued to report to work in her original dress code.

As in any job there are credential job requirements. Andy had the educational background and
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Andy continued to be viewed as a misfit for the company’s culture as she did not behave, dress or own the designer fashion needed to blend in. What I have learned is that in the fashion industry such as the Runway, Benedictus (2009) mention in a Vogue article, a prerequisite of the job, is fashion. People would die to have the opportunity to work there. The work attire is crucial when the clothes of "what you wear is more important the job itself because if you came in looking like you were wearing something boring every day” you’re not fit for the culture of the job (Benedictus, 2009). In Andy’s case, she got the job without the prerequisite of the culture of fashion, which is very uncommon in this field of
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