Angela Robinson

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In the wake of the successful cinema run for the cherished superheroine, seeing the biography of Wonder Woman’s fascinating author on the big screen was only the question of time. But wonder no more: another talented female filmmaker follows in the footsteps of Patty Jenkins to shed some light on the compelling backstory.
Angela Robinson, who had been developing the concept for years while she worked on multiple TV projects, expertly uncovered the lesser known side of the comic creator’s life. Skilfully handling a story of a polyamorous relationship, she paints a thrilling picture of a love triangle based not on the rivalry, but consent and mutual trust between the people involved. It’s a delight to observe the intricacies of their relationships portrayed with such great care. Robinson pays a lot of attention to the power shifts in this love triangle, and allows the feelings between the characters to grow, without getting rid of doubts or uncertainties. And refreshingly, the story steers away from objectifying women with the eye of the camera; it stays on the tasteful side, without shying away from the story’s brimming sensuality. Even if the romantic level of the story follows an usual route, it tangles it …show more content…

The interrogation scenes juxtapose the flashbacks which show the growing relationship and the struggles that come alongside it. On our watch, the director empowers her heroines. She makes them aware of their position in the society; Elizabeth’s struggles on the way to a PhD, and Olive’s initial dependence on her fiancé contrasted to her mother’s feminist actions comes to mind. However, she allows them to gradually liberate themselves from the shackles of conventions, warming us up to the characters from the start. Fully fleshed out and phenomenally written, they’re the driving force in this tangled

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