Animal Experimentation And My Personal Stance On The Matter

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Do animals feel pain? Do they suffer when in distress? Almost all animal research is conducted for better understanding of human diseases and illnesses, rarely are animals used for the benefits of animals. Is the pain felt by animals worth the advances in human understandings? I will discuss what animals are used for, why they are used, the ethical dilemma of animal research, laws relevant to the study of animal experimentation and my personal stance on the matter.
Animal testing has many other synonyms including animal experimentation, in vivo testing, animal research and vivisection. They all have similar definitions but very different connotations. While three of these labels can have positive meanings, the literal meaning of vivisection means to cut up an animal, which can be viewed negatively (Anderegg et al., 2006). These animals are operated on while they are alive for experimental purposes rather than healing purposes. The overall meaning of this term is all experimentation on live animals while the connotation implies death, suffering and torture. The negative connotation of the word vivisection makes it preferred to those that are opposed to animal research while scientists are known to use the words ‘animal experimentation’ (Anderegg et al., 2006).
Animals have been used in research since the second century and are still presently used every day. The most well-known animal research study was in the 1890’s when Ivan Pavlov used classical conditioning with…

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