Animal Persuasive Essay

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Brakes screeched, tires squealed, and the car abruptly came to a halt. My heart was pounding. My father opened his door and, without hesitation, darted across the highway, dodging cars to rescue a defenseless turtle from the next car’s tire. Throughout my childhood in New York, rescuing turtles was a common practice for me and my father. Looking back, my father’s heroic sprints into oncoming traffic were not his most intelligent moves, but through them he communicated a very strong message – the value of an animal’s life. That message continues to motivate me today. I have consistently devoted my life to giving animals another chance at theirs-be it rescuing turtles from roads, frogs from pools, or injured birds from dogs. Often I have been able to release the animals into their natural habitat; other times my efforts are too little, too late; and, occasionally, I end up raising an abandoned baby rabbit. My home has also been a refuge for rats, hamsters, birds, fish, turtles, and chinchillas, but never a dog and, until recently, never a cat. It almost goes without saying that my desire to care for animals led me to want to become a veterinarian, but the untraditional and circuitous path I have taken toward that goal is worthy of note. A year ago a pre-vet student asked me a very frank question: “What’s stopping you?” At the time I was in graduate school, studying psychology, while concurrently running my own photography business. I did not have the time or money-much less
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