Animal Testing Inmates

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He’s shivering as the goop is rinsed off his fur. The creature looks around, just hoping for someone in this cold, empty, white room to save him. Soon the men in white lab coats crowd around the poor dog. They conclude the product gives chemical burns and the formula is discarded. “This is no way to treat an animal,” one of the scientists thinks. Many others believe animals should not be tested on as well. Animals, beings who have done no wrong, are not only ignorant of the things done to them, but the products tested on them aren’t even made for them; therefore, inmates and terrorists who are willing should be used as test subjects instead because they have done something wrong, so prisoners should be used as test subjects instead of animals. The biggest reason to test inmates instead of animals is that animals haven’t done anything to hurt another being. Animals, both wild and domesticated, do their best just to live, versus humans who go against their own sense of morals. As a species, we have forged rules to keep us alive, and yet there are those who break these laws. It states in Prisoners Should Be Used For Medical Experiments Without Their Consent, “The act of violating the law in this manner is to sacrifice one’s full protection of rights by the Constitution,” meaning that once you choose to do something…show more content…
Dogs don’t understand that the pain being caused to them is because humans want to concoct a new hand soap, eyeliner, or lotion. They can’t grasp the risks of being tested on, and even worse they can’t say no. The article Save The Animals: Stop Animal Testing states “Animals and people are alike in many ways; they both feel, think, behave, and experience pain. Thus, animals should be treated with the same respect as humans,” so if someone isn’t willing to test it on humans who have done wrong, why would they be content with innocent
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