Animal Testing Safety

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Smallpox has been around for a millennium, and claimed hundreds of millions of lives. Each death was tragic, but the last person to die by smallpox left behind one of the most wrenching tragedies of them all. At first she thought she had a cold. Then doctors thought it was a drug rash. Then the pustules started appearing. Janet Parker was a medical photographer who worked at the University of Birmingham medical school. From the moment she was diagnosed, there was no question where she got the virus. She worked directly above a laboratory studying smallpox. The laboratory used the air born virus without properly locking it up when testing. Janet was treated and her parents, with whom she had had contact, were quarantined. A few days later, …show more content…

We need some form of a testing subject or we could not have cured tuberculosis, scarlet fever, and small pox’s. Scientists would not have found treatments and vaccinations for H.I. V’s, Polio, Aids, tetanus, and Rubell fever. We have also have found life support machines, dialysis, and asthma drugs through animal testing. These tests are essential if our drugs and products are to be safe. In fact, the U.S. food and Drug Administration. Which is the government agency responsible for the safety actually requires animal testing for certain medicines and eye care products. To Insist the safety of us all. People who oppose Vivisection argue that humans are only benefiting ourselves through harming animals, and claim animals are nothing like people and believe that there for testing on them is not helping us at all. I want you to learn that these tests are not just for humans but animals too. Animal testing has led to advancements in animals as well. Most procedures conducted on humans today are also used on animals. We can now not only extend the life of humans but also …show more content…

In reality there aren't really as many as you might think because in almost all places it is required that all animal testers get animals that are specifically bread by registered licensed holders that bread these animals for this purpose and that no research at all is allowed to happen to stray or unwanted animals. Also, the use of chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas has been banned since 1986. Almost all animals used in testing are rodents such as rats, mice, and occasionally but not often rabbits. In addition, something you should know is that scientists everywhere are required to test by the three R's. Replace, reduce, and refine.
Replace- is to replace the use of animals with alternative techniques, or to avoid the use of animals altogether.
Reduce- is to reduce the number of animals used to a minimum, to obtain information from fewer animals or more information from the same number of animals.
Refine- means to make the way experiments are carried out better and to make sure animals suffer as little as possible. This includes better housing and improvements to procedures which minimize pain and suffering and/or improve animal

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