Animal Testing Should Be A Thing Of The Past Essay

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Animal testing should be a thing of the past. Imagine this, scientists injecting a certain chemical to an innocent animal to test, so that product can be safe for human utilization. Now, this chemical will have a mercurial effect on that animal, it will either comply with it or succumb to the chemical and causing various side effects; could even lead to death. This is the sad and cruel reality animals in labs are facing. Over the years, scientists from all over the globe have conducted tedious experiments on animals for the sole purpose of the human beings’ safety. There is no question about whether or not human lives matter, they do. That’s why scientists resulted in testing on animals. It would be unethical to practice on a human being, but shouldn’t they say the same thing for an animal? This issue is imperative because animal testing is very cruel, inhumane, and unethical. Millions of animals’ lives had come to a short because of failed experiments. Scientists should resort to alternative testing methods, rather than testing on animals. Though successful research with animal testing seem beneficial to human beings, the pain and suffering, and even death, unfortunately, is not worth it.

Right now millions of dogs, cats, monkey, mice and other animals are locked up in cold cages inside laboratories across the globe, waiting to be tested on. Why exactly do scientists experiment on animals? The basic anatomy, body process, and organs system of animals and human beings are

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