Acc/597 Final Project

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Final Project
CSCI 597 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction Design
Spring 2015
Nikhil Bollu
TAMU-Commerce, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
Commerce, TX, USA Abstract—This electronic document is a review based usability report, comparing two mobile operation systems. The mobile operating systems compared here are very popular Apple IOS and Google’s Android OS. The user reviews collected here are based on 15 different usability criteria compared between the two mobile operation systems.
Keywords— Apple iOS; Google; Android; Nexus5; touch-id; iPhone; file transfer; Proprietary Apps; iMessage; iTunes; Bluetooth; Wi-Fi; iPad; Mac book; Personal Computer; Personal assistant application; Electronic Wallet; SIRI; Google Now; notification center; Autocorrect; Passbook; LTE; default applications; Privacy settings; shortcuts; customizations; Pedometer; accelerometers; Fitbit; mobile malware;
This project is a composition of several reviews collected from users who used and are currently using the mobile devices which run on Mobile Operation systems: Apple iOS[1], 8th version and Google’s Android OS[2], Lollipop version. The devices running these operating systems are Apple iphone6 running on iOS and Google Nexus 5 running on Android OS.
We have Identified 15 different usability Criteria and Interviewed total of 9 users of which 5 are using iPhone6 [3] and the remaining 4
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