Annotated Bibliography On Instructional Planning And Strategies Essay

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Description of the Artifact:
Artifact 1: Artifact 1, under Tab E: Instructional Planning and Strategies is the IEP Final completed in the graduate course ELSE 6073 Educational Procedures for Moderate and Profound individuals. For the IEP project, participants were provided information about an individual diagnosed with a severe disability. Based on the information provided, candidates were asked to develop IEP goals and objectives based on the student’s individual needs. Additionally, participates were to complete a final IEP for the selected student, incorporating the seven steps in the IEP completion process.
Artifact 2: Artifact 2, under Tab E: Instructional Planning and Strategies is the Research Paper completed in the course ELSE 6183 Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Research Paper project required students to research teaching practices and strategies dealing with students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Candidates were ask to research and review related literature to the pertaining to the selected research topic. Students then completed the research paper on their selected topic, including completing an abstract, introduction, and summary of the problem or topic related to the research. Additionally, students were asked to include a summary of the related literature research, discussing of proposed solution, and conclusion to the research topic. Lastly, candidates created a video presentation of discussing the research topic and

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