Annotated Bibliography On The Library

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Library users today are able to meet most their information needs through the sources outside the library. The ubiquitous access to internet today and the rise of the companies like Google, Amazon and Wikipedia have provided viable alternatives to users for their information needs. So libraries are experiencing an evolutionary change in their traditional services. And the rapid evolving digital technologies can be seen as an opportunity for libraries as their need to evolve in the face of these new challenges.
Linked Data which works as the framework behind the Semantic Web, an idea developed by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of World Wide Web, aims at revolving the Internet into one large database instead of simply distinct collection of data. Today, where internet has been the first choice for the users to look for information, libraries should seize the advantage of the concept behind Linked Data. By attempting to make their resources available on the web, libraries can bring back their users because of the allure of the high quality and authoritative resources owned by the libraries.
Such technological development can definitely bring a number of benefits to libraries by allowing the libraries and their resources to connect with their users on the web. Professionals in the field have considered the use of Linked data technologies for the benefit of Libraries. Many papers have been written by experts underlying the benefits in the past decade. And

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