Annotated Bibliography of Articles on Health Communication

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Health Communication Annotated Bibliography Brezina, Corona. (2010). Organ Donation: Risks, Rewards, and Research. Rosen Pub: New York, NY. An important role of the healthcare professional will have to do with the acceptance and request for organ donations. When a patient passes away, their loved ones will be asked if the organs of the deceased can be harvested. The healthcare professional must be able to make this request with enough tact that the bereaved will not be offended. The Hippocratic Oath that doctors and nurses must take in order to become medical professionals forces them to pledge they will "First Do No Harm." Cutting into healthy bodies is mutilation and the opposite of this pledge (Brezina 10). So, is the cutting into a human body in order to retrieve an organ for an unhealthy one a similar violation of this credo? In order to find new medical treatments, there is often an experimental stage wherein first lower life forms and then more advanced beings are experimented with. The thesis being that the ends will justify the means. The experimentation will yield a greater good and the suffering of one will benefit the many. This is the same working theory behind organ transplants. Although one person will suffer if the organ is retrieved from a living body, the benefits to the person needing the organ will outweigh the unhappiness. A life here has more value than a single organ and it is the harvesting of a single organ that will save an entire life. People
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