Anti Advertising Manifesto

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The Anti-Advertising Manifesto: A Declaration Wrapped in Plain Packaging
We live in a world surrounded, at all moments, by advertising. At all moments, we are bombarded by a barrage of bright colours, gaudy signs, artificial images of happy people with plastic products, their synthetic smiles tempting us to believe that this product is the key to happiness, that you need it even if you had not realized it before. It is an impossibility to take a quiet walk down the street without some assault on the senses from advertisements. You are assaulted at the bus shelter, where posters are plastered promoting the newest movie. You are assaulted as the bus pulls up, it’s carcass touting golden arches alongside images of perfectly formed burgers. You are assaulted as you travel under leviathan billboards that loom over the highway, threatening to crush those who do not heed its message. Advertising is there on the sides of buildings, in the blinking neon of electric signs, kiosks, banners, even written by aeroplanes with smoke in the sky – it is the graffiti problem that no one complains about. We have become so accustomed to this world of advertising that we do not realize it is drowning us.
The seed of this corrupt practice was first sown during the Industrial Revolution, where mass production became the way of the market, and the manufacturers pockets were quickly filling with wealth the likes of which had yet only ever been seen by Kings. However, during times of great crisis,

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