Anti G Csf Treatment For Crc

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The immune system has a way of detecting and destroying cells that are abnormal, which can cause cancer in the human body. In most rare cases some cancers are able to avoid the detection in the immune system. Colorectal cancer (CRC) is also known as colon cancer, it is part of the digestive system that is called the gastrointestinal system. It occurs in the large intestines that are located in the lower part of digestive system. Colon cancer usually starts small adenomatous polyps, which are noncancerous clumps of cell (Mayo clinic 2013). As time progress these small adenomatous polyps will eventually become colon cancer. The granulocytes colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) it occurs mostly in human and mouse CRC. In humans
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Introduction: Colorectal cancer has been one of the leading fatal deaths in the United States. This cancer is found in both men and women and the death of colorectal cancer has decreased over the years due to colonoscopies and fecal blood test. The way colorectal cancer occurs is in the lining of the colon and it can extend far into the colon and in some cases it can also occur in the organs and lymph nodes. The colon is part of the digestive system that is called the gastrointestinal system. Colon absorbs water and nutrients from the food that we intake and is stored as waste matter, which is stool. The stool moves from the colon into the rectum before it leaves the body. There is always a new treatment for colorectal cancer because it can be deadly cancer. The development of CRC is associated with chronic inflammation that is seen in the bowel disease [Morris 2015]. Many different studies have shown that human CRC tumors are more expressed in G-CSF receptors. G-CSF is a type of growth factor that stimulates the human CRC cell growth as well as migration. This study is used to examine the therapeutic potential of anti-G-CSF treatment. G-CSF has no impact on different immune cell because immune cells were not examined well in these treatments. When examining the human CRC 88% had expressed an increase in G0CDF and G-CSRF compared to normal tissues, a further examination was examined to examine the
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