Anxieties Of The Curriculum

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The Curriculum is part of epistemological access. Epistemological access is the assess to school and to the resources within the school. These include the content. The curriculum is a guide or a plan which high lights the topics and the time line on grade to grade. It states what needs to be covered in a grade and how time should be spent on each topic. Charles Tayler talks about the anxieties of the modernity. He stresses three worries that are a result of modernity namely the individualism, instrumental reason, and the political level. Charles Tayler states that modernity has changed brought about worries which have changed the way people live since modernity was encountered. Individualism is his first source of worry. As much as people find this as the great achievement of the modern civilization as people now have rights to choose their own fate, Charles sees this a problem because people no longer associate with the society and have a greater meaning to life. This means that people are now…show more content…
Instrumental reason as defined by Charles is the rationality people draw on when they calculate the most economical application of means to a given end. That means the measure of success is the maximum efficiency, and the best cost output ratio. Things are no longer done according to the right order but according to cost efficiency. Instrumental reason has threatened to take over people’s lives. Things that are to be determined by other criteria are now determined by terms of efficiency and cost benefit. There is a need to maximize output. We are so absorbed with the idea of economic growth that we do not care what happens to the environment because of that economic growth. He also says that people are being pressed by powerful mechanism of social life into this direction. Cost efficiency goes hand in hand with time
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