Anxiety Is A Form Of Mental Illness

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Introduction Anxiety is a form of mental illness. There will never be a clear-cut list which can identify if someone has an anxiety disorder. Individuals have a strong desire to be valued, liked and approved by others. These desires impact certain individuals to the point where they worry excessive amounts about everyday life. This could mean anything from stepping out of the house, getting a haircut, to excessively worrying about money (McNally 2011). Loving someone with anxiety is difficult, but can be some of the most rewarding love given. The first step of understanding how to love someone with anxiety could be understanding exactly what anxiety is and how it is treated. Also, knowing directly how having anxiety impacts a relationship and how to effectively respond to anxiety will help to solidify the relationship. Knowing how to efficiently communicate with and be knowledgeable on how to reduce a partner’s anxiety could be a key component in keeping a relationship strong. There are various different types of anxiety that are prevalent in today’s society as well as different kinds of lifestyle choices individuals can choose to reduce anxiety in activities of daily living. One of the most important aspects of loving a person with anxiety is having love not only for them, but love for yourself.
What is Anxiety and How is it Treated? Everyone experiences some form of anxiety within their life. Anxiety is highly individualized; meaning that each person who experiences…
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