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There are five students pulled out on a regular basis for homework help, deeper instruction, or to take tests.

Classroom Resources:
• Smartboard to go over information in notes
• Guided notes and full notes- some of the students highlighted the full notes and transferred the information to the guided notes blanks
• Paraprofessional
• Worksheet
• Educational game

Are children learning? How do you know? Evidence?
Yes, the students are learning through questioning and answering, and filling out vin diagrams in small groups. The students were asked specific questions, such as “how do you know this is a plant cell?” The students had to then explain the answers in their own words. If they did not have the full explanation then other …show more content…

For example, if the word nucleus was used (identified or written), then it would be in the color green. All of the words had a specific color whether it is on the word wall, flip-charts, notes, or drawings. This seems like an extremely effective strategy due to students visually seeing the image/color to gain knowledge. The three learning strategies were utilized during the lesson, which supported the students in learning materials easier. The teacher visually presented the notes, while she verbally explained the information, then the student’s experienced hands-on learning when they were completing graphic organizers in small groups. The students were given guided and full notes during the lecture. The guided notes required the students to fill in the blanks with the missing words. Other students were given guided notes as well as full notes. In that situation students were encouraged to highlight the full notes in front of them and then transfer the information to the guided notes blanks. These notes were given to students who were struggling or had an IEP. It was great to witness a teacher utilizing a variety of strategies to help the students learn together.

Evidence/examples of formative assessment
Formative assessments are extremely important in the classroom to tell whether students are learning the content or not. The teacher utilized hand signals, graphic

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