Apple And Its Impact On The Business Strategy

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Apple has been on the cutting edge of technology for many year. However, their leading competitor Samsung has begun to close the gap. Apple has several major and minor issues that should be addressed in order to corner the market and pull ahead of their competitors. In the past, Apple has been able to generate a buzz with their revolutionary products and top of the line technologies. However, in the past few years , their lack of product innovation has caused a drop in the companies popularity. Apple needs to reinvigorate their imagine in the eye of the public and improve their business strategy. Outlined below are several of the major and minor issues facing the Apple corporation, as well as recommendations to help the corporation regain its share of the market.
Perhaps the biggest issue facing Apple is the lack of a visionary at the helm of the company. Steve Jobs was a truly remarkable man. He was a visionary and was at the helm of almost all of those technological advances that made Apple famous and brought them where they are today. Ever since Mr. Jobs passed, the company has lacked truly groundbreaking idea and hasn’t introduced new and cutting edge products like they were when Jobs was running the company. Under Jobs leadership, the entire cellular phone industry was changed forever. He was able to come up with and perfect the iPhone, which was miles ahead of anything that any of Apples competitors had at the time. When the iPhone was created, Apple was able to

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