Apple And Microsoft Vs. Apple

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Apple and Microsoft
Apple and Microsoft are the two largest firms in the industry of consumer electronics and computer manufacture. The two companies tend to have numerous similarities and differences. Microsoft and Apple simultaneously initiated their corporate structure. Currently, they are the best-earning top innovators and major rivals in the market, and their products are globally most utilized. This paper evaluates similarities and differences between Microsoft and Apple by exploring their structure, products, and overall success.
Apple Company tends to emphasize on its efforts concerning design and manufacture of the consumer electronics, such as personal computers, mobile phones, and related software products (Arthur, 2012). Microsoft appears to have adopted the above aspect, when they started producing their own Microsoft phone products.
The co-founders of both Microsoft and Apple are recognized as being the driving force behind the brands. Bill Gates is famous for accomplishing most of his dream of placing a computer in every home and on every desk in addition to his philanthropic work through Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. On the other hand, the late Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, appeared to be an innovative genius and an iconoclast. Both of them are recognized as the richest and greatest entrepreneurs on a global scale (Arthur, 2012).
Both Microsoft and Apple tend to have retail stores. However, Apple seems to have the upper hand by having over 200…

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