Unit 33 M2 D1 Essay example

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Good analysis of two practical cases of real businesses adopting e-business practices to compete more effectively. The emphasis may be on marketing, product development, pricing or customer relations. M2 Confused.com is a comparison website that operates in the UK and specializing in insurance and financial services. There are a lot of similar website which are confused.com competitors that all offer similar services with similar price comparison strategies specifically concerning insurance. Confused.com main competitor are sites like comparethemarket.com, gocompare.com and moneysupermarket.com this means that there a saturation of these types of websites in the current market. For Confused.com there is an continues pressure from…show more content…
Gocompare.com advertising is more appealing easy to remember and they offer people who are loyal to the site the chances to be entered into a free draw with the chance to win a free car and the green livery stands out compared to other competitors. Evaluate how successful a particular business organisation has been in preparing for growing use of e-business. D1 For D1 I will have to evaluate how successful Apple has been in preparing for growing use of E-Business. Overall in the past few years Apple has become more and more successful through preparing for the growth of E-Business for today’s society. The company has taken in and analysed competitors behaviour in order to remain market leaders and stay at the forefront of high end products such as IPhone and there IMacs range. Apple have tried to create a unique feel for their products when compared with Microsoft they have been trying to play catch up with Apple in all the same categories they both operate in. Apple use very different marketing techniques compared to Microsoft which has made Apple the number one brand in the world. One feature that Apple offers that Microsoft doesn’t have is ITunes and an App store which offer customer to buy as much music as they want to be stored on their phone, iPod or computer or mac. This means that Apple appeals to a larger target group and can get more business. One feature that
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