Apple vs. Microsoft Essay

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Apple vs. Microsoft


Teka Lee

Professor Miles
ITE 119
11 October 2012

Thesis: Apple’s website differs from Microsoft’s website in the homepage, navigation, and consistency.

I. First, Apple’s homepage differs from Microsoft’s homepage. A. Apple 1. Appearance 2. Main ad 3. Space B. Microsoft 1. Appearance 2. Main ad 3. Space C. Therefore, the differences in Apple’s and Microsoft’s homepage are significant.

II. Second, Apple’s navigation is different from Microsoft’s navigation. A. Apple 1. Appearance 2. Organization 3. Readability B. Microsoft 1. Appearance 2. Organization 3. Readability C. Therefore, the differences in Apple’s and
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The website is well organized, making it very simple to find what a person is looking for. Unlike Microsoft, it is well spaced, which helps to grab the reader’s attention. Microsoft’s homepage is setup fairly differently from Apple’s. Instead of having a main ad like Apple, its site has a set of highlights advertising their information. Highlights do not catch a reader’s attention as well as Apple’s large ad. Furthermore, Microsoft’s homepage is also packed with a lot of information in such little space. The information is broken down into bullet points, but the font is small and there are hardly any images to differentiate between the items. There is little to attract the reader to make him/her want to read through this content because it just appears to be boring. Therefore, the homepage of Apple and Microsoft differ.
Next, Apple differs from Microsoft in navigation. Apple’s website has a large navigation bar located at the top of the page. The navigation bar remains at the top of the site no matter which section the user goes to. The options available on the navigation bar show the main sections of the website and its products. Microsoft has a similar navigation bar on the homepage, but the bar is not consistent across the site. Microsoft’s homepage navigation acts as a site map to the rest of the website’s sections. In a lot of the navigation bars, including the one on the homepage,

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