Apple: Continuing to Flourish in a Down Economy Essay examples

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The recent economic crisis has the world is shambles. The real estate market has seen the lowest values and large amount of foreclosures. Wall Street has fallen apart and many people have lost their life savings. Throughout this great ordeal Apple Inc. has stayed afloat. They have been able to hit record numbers in sales, both domestically and internationally. Apple’s upper management has been inventive and has been proactively trying to make sure Apple continues to grow. Steve Jobs, who is mostly known for Apples success, has been constantly working on being the best company out there. They not only try to rule their industry, they also strive to be known as the most inventive company with the sharpest staff. In these economic times …show more content…

Apple is one who believes in education and that is proven by how much they invest in it. They not only hire right out of college but they also donate large amounts to the schools they believe, hold interest in their company. Apple has believed that in order to have the newest technological innovations that they need to have the ripest, sharpest talent. Their biggest advocate is Harvard, where Steve jobs holds quarterly town hall meetings with the students. It is ironic that the students are the ones who are pouring the most into this company economically that is. In this back-to-school season, college kids are buying Macs in numbers never seen before. A recent survey by Student Monitor, a New Jersey outfit that tracks the buying habits of college students, found that 13% of all undergrads expect to buy a new notebook this fall. Of those, 43% say they plan to get a MacBook or MacBook Pro, nearly double those who said they expected to get a Dell notebook, and seven times as many as those who plan to buy from HP, says Eric Weil, the firm's managing partner. While students prefer Dell for desktop a computer, that’s small consolation: Students favor notebooks over desktops by a factor of nearly 5 to 1” (Hesseldahl, 2008). The students support Apple and like the fact that they have the newest ideas and the most appealing notebooks. Apple has found numerous ways to innovate tangible things but that is not only it, they also take time to mold those

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