Apple Inc: Business Analysis

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Regarded one of the most innovative companies in the Electronic Equipment industry, Apple Inc. concerns itself with not only the development but also the design and sale of personal computers, a wide range of hardware products like the iPhone, and computer software. Some of the company's most popular products include but they are not limited to the iPad tablet, the smartphone christened iPhone, and the hugely popular music player widely known as the iPod. Operating in the Electronic Equipment industry, Apple Inc's key competitors according to Yahoo Finance! (2013) include BlackBerry Limited, Hewlett-Packard Company, and Google Inc. My interest in Apple Inc. stems from its approach to innovation. Over time, Apple has consistently been ranked at the top as one of the most innovative companies in corporate America (McCue, 2013). With some of its products seen as being ahead of their time, the company today continues to lead the pack when it comes to both innovation and continuous improvement. I must also say that my interest in this particular company was sparked by its excellent performance over the years, especially with regard to profit growth. The company's former CEO, the late Steve Jobs, also remains one of my role models. From this analysis, I expect to familiarize myself with the real world application of the ideas learnt in class. I also expect to further develop my skills with regard to the…

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