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Topic 1: Critically examine a period of strategic change for an organisation of your own choice. Outline the triggers for change and the approach to strategic change in your case. Discuss the extent to which this strategic change built on or transformed the existing core competencies of the organization. Explain the most significant organizational issues facing the managers implementing this strategic change and how effectively they were managed.

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In 1985, the microcomputer industry suffered its worst slump in over a decade. Many new computer products had been promised or rumored but were not yet available, causing consumers and businesses (due to recession fears) to delay purchases until they could evaluate the new machines. Moreover, the home market was saturated and the market for new customers difficult to penetrate. Consumer preferences also changed. Service and how new products fit into an existing family of products had become more important. There was a growing demand for personal computers that could communicate and share information. It was estimated that this demand was growing at 30% a year, or twice the rate of the overall industry.

Strategic change views the renovation of a business, not only the way the firm works but also do way all system is organized, while operational changes only are important to prevent the business to fail.Mintzberg (1998) has offered five definitions of strategy: as a plan, a ploy, a pattern, a position and a perspective. Whittington (2001:2) equates four ways to lead to strategy: a classical, an evolutionary, a processual and a systemic model.The classic approach is basically a traditional view of strategy, where the strategic plans are drawn up by the senior managers to be implemented by others. The evolutionary approach is the answer of senior managers to the market,
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