Apple and Their Innovations

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Apple is referred to as the brand of innovation. It is known as a leading innovator which uses its brand name, friendly interface and it design to reinvent and grow product into new or existing market. They created the first smartphone back in 2007 and it was seen as the best information system created since the mobile phone. There are many lessons that we learned from apple business model. The first one is that Apple is no longer a product business but it is more about a platform business even though many people see apple dependent on their bestseller the Iphone. The continuous development of the platform potential is where the leadership of apple lies. For instance, the Iphone design didn’t change much since its launch but the hardware component are changing constantly as we can see in the Iphone 5S where the major change is the A7 new chips and the capacity of displaying at 64 bits instead of the 32 bits used by all its competitors. This strategy is very good for any company competing in the technological industry as it helps focus more on their business transformation and hardware innovation. For instance, Apple is building around its ecosystems and platforms all its revenue streams, the different products in the chain and the different services they offer.
The second important innovation of Apple is their focus on product design. As we know design is a necessity in a fierce market. However, it is not always seen as a success ingredient but more as a commodity. For

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