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Apple Inc. Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to provide information about the company known as Apple Industries. It is also to give the evaluation of the interdependence between the 4 key business functions and how they handle the 4 key business functions in Apple INC. Apple Inc, previously known as Apple Computer Inc. has is a multinational corporation that creates goods such as consumer electronics, personal computers, computer software and commercial software, and commercial servers, and distributes digital media content. Apples most selling core product lines are iPhone smart phones, iPad tablets, iPo portable media players, and mac computer line. Founders Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak effectively created apple …show more content…

While it not clear which model of iPhone didn 't come up to scratch, China Business reported that between five and eight million handsets were returned due to appearance of substandard or dysfunctional problems. The total value of the loss to Foxconn could be up to $1.6 Evaluation Despite the rejection of 8 million iPhone 's, Apple Inc, still is producing satisfactory products, all the while consumers are still happy with all iPhones. Apple Inc. is still making profit despite this setback and still marketing their products without any damage dealt to their successful results. Finance Finance is what keeps every business going, it is what every other key business function is so interdependent on. Without finance, a business becomes bankrupt. This includes Apple 's financial years. For the third quarter of 2011, Apple reported sales of $26.74 billion and a net profit of $6 billion both quarterly records at the time that the company later eclipsed by the end of its 2011 fiscal year. Much of that holiday was fueled by sales of the iOS devices. for example, During last year’s holiday season, Apple sold 7.33 million iPads, nearly matching the total number of tablets sold during its entire 2010 fiscal year. Also in two of the four quarters of 2011, Apple reportedly sold a record number of Macs. Compared to 2013 where apple announced financial results for

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