Apple 's Corporate Strategy Analysis

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Introduction 2
Company Background 3
Part 1: Apple 's Corporate Strategy 5 Internationalization 6 Diversification 8 Differentiation 10
Part 2: Suitability Analysis 12 PESTEL 12 Dynamic Capabilities 14 Stakeholder Analysis 16
Conclusion 18
Bibliography 19
Strategic management is a critical ideology when it comes to developing a competitive advantage in a particular industry. Through implementing and managing feasible strategies a firm is able to develop versatility and the ability to manipulate its resources in accordance with changes in the external environment.
Apple is one such company which is well …show more content…

Regardless of the size, companies always are run by a tight and focused group of individuals. It is the authors opinion that nowhere else this can be more evident than in Apple. From an explosive early period of success, to a catastrophic period which almost drove the company to bankruptcy, to finally a long period of development and industry dominance, Apple as a subject matter can offer any analyst with many important lessons. Only a few other organizations have been linked so close with certain individuals that has such a dramatic impact on the operation of the company and therefore on the customers.
Apple was founded in 1976 by its two founders: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to sell personal computer kits. Initially, the company was based on Steve Job 's garage and the product that was produced was a single motherboard that could be connected to other external devices in order to form the earliest forms of what is known today as a "personal computer". Under the funding and guidance of millionaire Mike Markkula, Apple saw incredible success with an average growth rate of almost 700% during the first 5 years (Isaacson, 2011). Eventually the company was incorporated at 1977 and produced its breakthrough product "Apple II" (Isaacson, 2011). Apple 's II was aggressively marketed and updated over the first few years resulting in making a key contributor to the revenue of the company. In 1984 Apple released

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