Apple 's Vision And Guidelines For Apple

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Apple is a worldwide company that has proved its success from the very beginning starting with Steve Job’s vision and guidelines for Apple’s operation processes. Apple follows a strict set of operational strategies for its supply chain system. The customer’s demands come first in the supply chain with cost cutting strategies closely following. The next strategy involves setting ambitious targets to make significant improvements annually, slow yet steady. The fourth operational strategy is simplifying the product and process while adopting a process view of the organization via face-to-face meetings. Next is the process involves dealing with any problems that may arise with the necessary changes to address it. The final process is centered on enhancing business relationships within the company and outside it as well. Apple’s major suppliers include the well-known AAC Technologies Holdings Inc., Acbel Polytech Inc., Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc., AKM Semiconductor Inc. and Alps Electric Co. Ltd. These companies were chosen carefully by Apple because they offer materials at a price that will allow for a minimized manufacturing cost. These companies have also made a name for themselves by providing great customer service that keeps large organizations like Apple loyal customers. Cost, because cost is so important to Apple, the company has outsourced the manufacturing process of their products. Apple 's products are assembled in massive factory complexes in China, run

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