Application Of Discharge From The Emergency Department At Whakat Ā Hospital Essay

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2.0 Methods 2.1 Research aims and questions This research aims to explore the process of discharge from the emergency department at Whakatāne Hospital within the Bay of Plenty District Health Board (DHB) and the resources patients require to effectively self-manage at home. More specifically: 1. What is the frequency of sharing paper based information to patients upon discharge from Whakatāne Hospitals Emergency Department? 2. What are the patient’s views of discharge information and their optimal route for receiving information? 3. What are the nurse’s perspectives of the KRAMES patient education handout within the ED? 2.1.1 Population Patients attending ED over a two week period A total of 20,294 patients attended the Whakatāne ED in 2015, with approximately 57 people in a 24 hour period. The ratio of male to female attending the department is equal. In 2015, 30 patients attend the department each day were of Māori descent, equal with European. All RNs employed at Whakatāne ED There is a total of 22 nurses working within the ED either part of full time. Other nurses from the bureau come work in the department when necessary also. A total of 18.83 full time equivalent nurses work for the department including the Charge nurse for the department. Shift times vary throughout the weekday and weekends with an average of four nurses on the morning shift and four in the afternoon. Only two nurses are rostered on a night shift. About 50 percent of the nurses are

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