Gilman Scholarship Essay

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For my Follow-on Service Project, my goal is to promote awareness of the opportunity to travel abroad. Over fifty percent of students want to study abroad, but it is estimated that on average, less than ten percent complete an international study program. Upon my return from Trinidad and Tobago, I hope to develop the educational necessities of Social Work within third world nations as well as learning to understand and appreciate cultural diversity. I know that there are other individuals who stem from foundations similar to mine. I would like to promote the information about studying abroad to this particular demographic. Using the experiences I gained, I want to develop a demonstration that educates students on international study as well as financial funding from the Gilman Scholarship.
My target population includes low-income high school seniors and college students who rely on financial aid to pay for higher education. My purpose is to show students that studying abroad is available to anyone who is willing to complete the programs. I want my peers to understand that I came from a poverty stricken neighborhood and was able to travel abroad without restriction. Using myself as an example, I want them to know about other resources available and that traveling abroad is a realistic opportunity. My main focus is to make students aware of the tangibility of traveling the world regardless of their socioeconomic status. I will impact this group using the information as

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