Applied Behavior Analysis : The Challenges Of Intellectional Education

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Students with disabilities often struggle in school specifically because their reading comprehension skills are inadequate. A four-week study was conducted to assess the impact of iPad assisted instruction (IAI) versus teacher directed instruction (TDI) involving 3 male individuals ranging from the ages of 9 to 11 years old who had an official diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and whose reading levels were at least 1 grade lower than their current instructional grade. According to Zein et al, students with ASD encounter challenges with both behaviors and academics; in order to prevent behavioral concerns from interfering with the study, a token economy system was used (2015 p. 198). The use of token economies was …show more content…

The instructor for the three participants was “…a graduate student with extensive background in techniques in ABA, a master’s degree in education, and 3 years teaching experience focused on providing services to students with ASD” (Zein et al 2015 p. 201). Both types of instruction lasted for 20-minute sessions over 16 days with no more than 3 consecutive sessions for each. Measurements for comprehension outcomes of both models were assessed using a curriculum-based measure (CBM) consisting of “…four main idea questions that involved reading a paragraph and identifying the correct main idea from three response choices” (Zein et al 2015 p. 203). The results from the CBM probes showed that overall TDI was more effective for reading comprehension instruction; however, results of higher CBM scores are possibly associated with both treatment types, IAI and TDI (Zein et al 2015 p. 210). Due to the lack of definitive evidence, further study is needed on the effectiveness of technology assisted instruction for reading comprehension.
Learner Development Technology assisted instruction is a critical area of study in current 21st century education for all learners but specifically for learners with disabilities. As technology becomes more readily

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