Applied Linguistics: Important And Interrelated Field In Language

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Actually applied linguistics is very important and interrelated field in language study.
It is mainly the field of study that identifies, investigates and offers solution to any language problems related to real life situation. Applied linguistics plays a very important role in second language acquisition. Actually applied linguistics describes the language and teaches how it is learned and used. Nowadays learning and teaching applied linguistics aims to solve different linguistic problems in the societies as it focuses on different important areas that are related to language problems. . As an important field in the science of linguistics, applied linguistics includes different branches that are related to language learning like bilingualism,
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it is also evident that applied linguistics doesn’t only positively affect students but it can also have a great impact on the teachers who has the ability to produce better learning experiences. This indicates that the role of applied linguistics in language has been region, gender and age concerned with solving or at least ameliorating social Language policy and planning problems status problems involving language.
In conclusion, since, the main goal of the applied linguistics is teaching and learning language in a practical way. The interrelation between the applied linguistics and language learning can be concluded in the idea of gathering theories of language and practicing this language in a healthy environment where speakers can find suitable ways to communicate and interact together. And by combining using this field in language learning, massive results can be recognized where there are no limits for learning a second language. Applied linguistics and learning a second language are non separable fields. “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”‒Frank Smith .
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