Applied Research Methods in the Business Environment

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Applied Research Methods In The Business Environment Research Aims and Objectives The aims and objectives of the research are to examine how it is that management views methods of management in the organization. Towards this end, the study will examine management theory including both historical and traditional theories in management and how each of the theories is relative to specific paradigms or mindsets. Brief Critical Review of Key Academic Sources and Main Issues The work of Hartman (nd) states that the evolution of modern management thinking started first in the nineteenth century and flourishing during the twentieth century, which is reported to have "witnessed a revolution in management theory ranging from classical theory to the Japanese management approach." Hartman states that today's management theory derives from the "interdisciplinary efforts of many people." (nd) The start of the modern organization is reported to have taken place during the middle of the nineteenth century with "the rise of the factory system, principally in the textile industry, where automation and mass production became the cornerstone of productivity." (Hartman, nd) Management theory evolved slowly during the century as the need is reported to have existed "to define what management was in the first instance as well as to operationalize it in meaningful terms for an organization." (Hartman, nd) Management Theory Robert Owen and Charles Babbage are reported to have serious

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