Applying Watson's Theory to Practice

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Applying Watson 's theory to practice
The Free Online dictionary’s definition of caring is: To provide needed assistance or watchful supervision. Jean Watson defined caring as a nurturing response to a patient with whom the nurse feels a personal sense of commitment and responsibility (Nursing Theory and Theorist, 2008).
Jean Watson began developing her theory in 1979. She published her first book in 1979, her second in 1985. Her intention was to develop and define caring as a science. She wanted to separate the nursing process from the practice of medicine. Through research and experience, she intended to prove her theory (Quizon, Panganiban, Pecson, Pecson, Pedalizo, & Piczon, 2008).
Major Concepts of Watson’s theory
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He requested a Ginger Ale. At that time, I checked his vital signs. His blood pressure was 165/108. I gave him prescribed Lopressor and stated I would return in one hour to see if it brought pressure down (CF#8). When I returned in the hour, his pressure had dropped to 153/86. Before I left the room, I stated “I don’t feel like I am doing enough for you.” He replied “you are doing great.” I reiterated if there was anything I could do for him please call me. Approximately 30 minutes later,

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