Applying for a Master´s in Microbial Biotechnology Essay

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Program: Master’s in Microbial Biotechnology Statement of Purpose
Having pursued relevant projects, courses and considering my aptitude, I find myself interested in life sciences and more specifically in Microbiology. I believe that pursuing Masters in Microbial Biotechnology at North Carolina State University will help me to widen my knowledge, hone my technical and managerial skills and provides me an opportunity to contribute to cutting edge research in the field and contribute to its growth in Industry.

Consistently a top student in school, I developed an interest in science and technology, particularly during the formative years of my schooling. Being among the …show more content…

Our approach was mainly based upon the studies of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) from a jellyfish Aequorea victoria. Later, in the fall break, I got selected for the short term internship in Globion India Pvt.Ltd–Hyderabad, India. I worked on ‘Growth-curve studies of chick embryo-propagated Infectious Bronchitis Virus’ under the guidance of Dr. Sophia. The training was basically aimed at learning laboratory techniques in microbiology and molecular biology. Working in a group of highly motivated individuals was a gratifying scientific experience. The fact that I was able to perform well in the projects and at the same time enjoy the work, motivated me to pursue my research interests.

In the spring of my second year, along with few of my friends, I intended to work on a project to present it in the International Bio-molecular design competition (BIOMOD) 2012 held at Wyss Institute, Harvard University, USA. It eventually led to the formulation of my third year summer Internship in the lab of Dr. Yamuna Krishnan at National Centre for Biological Sciences (ncbs), India. We worked on a project ‘chemically triggered release of molecular cargo encapsulated within the DNA icosahedron’. The project aimed at controlled release of the encapsulated cargo in the DNA icosahedron with spatial and temporal control aided by molecular cues i.e.

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