Approaches to Administration and Total Quality Management

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Approaches to Administration & Total Quality Management Approaches to Administration To some extent I have had experiences with each of these approaches to administration over the course of my working career; however I have had the greatest exposure to the classical and the human relations approaches. Of these the classical approach has been the most common. Many of the organizations I have been associated with were organized around a formal organizational structure with specific rules and expectations concerning procedures and processes. The organizational hierarchy was well defined. According to Willis W. Harman (2001) people who lack self-motivation fit compliantly into this type of organizational management structure. However, a growing fraction of the population, displaying self-actualization tendencies are bothered by the oppressiveness of hierarchical management and are insistent on a more participatory role. Human relation approaches require decisions to be made with the maximum feasible involvement of those whose lives are affected by the outcome. This form of organizational management calls for the enhancement of humanistic values such as trust, honesty, cooperation, caring and personal responsibility to develop personal relationships. Harmon (2001) says that initially the human relation approach may seem to be inefficient, but ultimately it tends to raise moral, raise the sense of being involved with meaningful work, boost individual incentive, improve
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