Total Quality Management And The Theory Of Operations Management

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Theories of Operations:
Theories of operations refer to a strategy use to build the highest level of efficiency in an organization. The ability to convert materials and labor into goods and services in the most efficient way possible will be able to maximize profits.
Operations management involves specific responsibilities:
Ensuring the business operates efficiently
Managing the process to convert raw materials, labor, and energy to goods and services.
Exhibiting effective interpersonal communication and conflict-negotiation skills
Demonstrating rational analysis and critical thinking skills
Possessing and utilizing technological knowledge
Operations Management:
Operations management is the controlling of the process of production and operations …show more content…

Principles of Total Quality Management
Focus on customer: When using TQM it is important to always remember that the level of quality will be determined by the customers
Whatever efforts are made with respect to training employees or improving processes, only customers determine.
Employee involvement: Employees are an organization’s internal customers. Employee involvement in the development of products or services of an organization largely determines the quality of these products or services.
Process centered: Processes are the guiding principle and people support these processes based on basis objectives that are linked to the mission, vision and strategy.
Integrated system: it is important to have an integrated organization system that can be modeled for example ISO 9000 or a company quality system for the understanding and handling of the quality of the products or services of an organization.
Strategic and systematic approach: A strategic plan must embrace the integration and quality development and the development or services of an

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