Appropriate Benefits Of Progressive Resistance Training (PRT)

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For individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), walking can be a difficult task, especially during periods of exacerbated symptoms. Progressive resistance training (PRT) is one treatment that is implemented in the hopes of increasing the walking endurance and speed of those impacted by MS. Previous research has shown that there is a correlation between muscle strength and the performance of activities of daily living in those with MS and that PRT increases health-related quality of life for these individuals by increasing muscle strength and, consequently, their ability to perform daily activities. The study examined in this appraisal was a randomized controlled trial conducted to explore the immediate effects of supervised PRT on walking function, muscle performance, fatigue, and health related quality of life in individuals with relapse-remitting MS who had difficulty walking and whether or not improvements were maintained for a three-month period in which no exercise took place. The authors of this study suggest that…show more content…
No more than 12 participants attended a session and up to three trainers were present during each session. Each exercise was modifiable to the participant and targeted key lower limb muscles needed for ambulation and supporting body weight. Each exercise was completed on a weight machine. The weight used was such that each participant could complete 10-12 repetitions before becoming fatigued; two sets of 10-12 repetitions were completed for each exercise with two-minute rest periods between each exercise. Participants had logbooks in which they recorded the weight lifted and the number or repetitions and sets completed for each exercise at the end of their session. Exercise sessions took approximately 45 minutes followed by a thirty-minute recovery period featuring refreshments and
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