Apriloc Case Study

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We are quite optimistic that the software ApriLoc can be completed by the end of the semester. In order to accomplish this task, the problem will be broken down into smaller problems and different members of the team will be responsible for ensuring that their part of the software works correctly. It quite clear that the biggest priority in the beginning of the project will be to make sure that the generic password phase of the authentication system functions as intended. Some of the major classes in our software for this phase of the Authentication process that will be needed are User, Account, Administrator, Password, Log, and User Collection. This are considered as core classes, and will be vital for the success of the software. Based on this classes, we can have a stand-alone system, after the completion of this phase, the developing team will focus on adding additional packages to our system. Which will enable the system to send messages to users and check if they are using an authorized device. When this phase is complete the developing team will focus on incorporating the, the privilege system and the log entries system into the system. It is important to note that these features are not required to be implemented sequentially, they can be implemented independently of each other, This is something the developing team will consider before beginning the implementation phase.…show more content…
When it comes to implementing these features the team’s goal is not to reinvent the wheel, team Fresh Juice believes that these features can be efficiently accomplished by reading and keeping track of users motherboard’s serial numbers and by using existing libraries. This is one of the reasons that the team remains very optimistic that the system can meet the original
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