Arab Emirates Descriptive Environment

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The United Arab Emirates geographical setting is located on the Arabian (Persian Gulf). The biggest of the seven emirates is Abu Dhabi which is the permanent capital of the nation. Inland is mostly desert with a few oases and the barren Hajar Mountains run through the country. Their climate is known to be very dry, with high temperatures and humidity in the summer. Before the establishment of the oil economy in the early 1960s, UAE was a sea-oriented culture that revolved around pearling and sea trading. The oil economy triggers the population of UAE to grow to from 86,000 to a small population of 2,624,000 by increasing in improving in diet, health care, and living standards. Over the years UAE has become a multiethnic society and only …show more content…

With a very conservative culture, it is easier for women to not seek jobs that involve mixing with men or comminuting far from home. Most women in UAE are employed in health, education and civil service. UAE states that men and women have equal rights, however if you view their social life it does not look that way. Women do not play significant roles in politics and religious life. A traditional household is made up of the nuclear family in their own houses. Large families are encouraged by the state and the usual size is 6-8 children. The UAE society is very family oriented and most families’ prefer to live in the same neighborhood as their kin. Part II: Economic and Industry Analysis of UAE Situation of Original and Mineral Original and Mineral started with a small salon that was the first ammonia-free salon in Australia. Once other hair styles heard about their ammonia-free products they decided to take their business online where they made most of their sales. They now have a salon in New York City. The corporate goals of Original and Mineral are providing their customers with the most natural products for their hair. They have come up with formulas that replace the harsh chemicals with active natural extracts and minerals. They also have quality essential oils that deliver the best benefits. Their competitive advantages are being one of very few products out there that offer more natural

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