What It Is Dehydrated Food Essay

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Have you ever been in such a hurry that you do not have time to make a full meal, so instead you warm up last night’s leftovers? If yes, we have the solution for you. We have come up with a way to instantly make a full course meal in no time. You might be wondering what it is. It is dehydrated food. Our food does not lose any of its flavour or nutrition when it is being dehydrated. There are no disadvantages for our brand of dehydrated food over whole food. It is as healthy and will save you time. It also lasts longer and does not expire as quickly. Our modified microwave is the only way to make our dehydrated food. Our microwave can replace traditional ones as well.

Situation analysis

Swot analysis

Only product in the marketplace appealing to the target demographic
Creative new approach to a product market viewed as dull and tasteless
Our technology patents create a copycat proof product line
The treatment process of the product allows for long term storage spanning years. Thus allowing for a low-risk product that does not have to be replaced.
Our long term storage, flavour options, and superior nutritional value will potentially give us a superior market position.

We are creating a new product and attempting to introduce it to the marketplace
Some flavours may fail
Consumers may not see a need in our product initially
Some consumers may not like the flavours we initially offer
Different isn 't always good

Our product is
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