Are Children Being Raised By A Single Parent?

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For a long time, many children grow up in a single parent family home has been seen as various. Being raised in only a single family household appears to be difficult to numerous yet over the years it has turned out to be more common. In today’s society many kids gown up and become unstable emotionally and become successful with one parent or both parent to show them right from wrong. The issues that lie are what the difference of children being raised is by both parents versus being raised by a single parent? Does society believe children need both parent to succeed? Do males need that father figure in their life to succeed? With much theory, this subject has turned into an exceptionally interesting contention. What individuals must comprehend…show more content…
When this topic comes about it’s always a problem due to different upbringings. In the article, “Single-parent families cause juvenile crime”, author Robert L.Maginnis states, “Children from single-parent families or with no parents are more likely to have and tend to have behavior problems because they tend to lack the attention and security and time that they need with parents”. The basic explanation that criminals are results of single-parent adolescence is foolish. This writes needs to understand is that growing up only having one parent is extremely difficult for the parent to raise the child by themselves for different reasons. As a single parent they have to work a fulltime job to be able to provide for themselves and their child. They must give us so much of their time for their job and also to have time with their children. In any case, despite the fact that this may appear to be inconceivable, it should be…show more content…
In today’s society at least twenty five percent of children will spend growing up with a step- parent. This appears to be fine for single parents since they sense that they can begin once again in another relationship and get assistance from their companion both sincerely and finically. A step parent can bring about confusion, stress and neglect on children since they have quite recently needed to change in accordance with just a single parent and now having to adjust to a new parent figure in their life. Another variable of being a step parent into a single family's life is new stride kin to coexist with. It won't not be legitimized for a step parent to punish the step child like they would their own blood and flesh. For whatever length of time that both parents have an understanding that their family starts things out and that it is essential to convey amongst themselves and with the kids, a step family could
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