Are It Is Time Consuming When Analyzing The Data And It

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are it is time consuming when analyzing the data and it can be expensive when transcribing. The use of informed consent is important regardless of what research method is taking place. For example, in the article, before carrying out semi- structure interview, it shows the researcher had given out informed consent to the schools and approached potential participants to explain the study (Wan & Neihart, 2015). It is acceptable for the researcher to encourage the participants but this should not run the risk of coercing the participants (Matthew & Ross, 2010). Under BERA 's ethical guidelines it is unacceptable to coerce participants as they should have the freedom to choose. Another ethical issue was confidentiality. It is important to …show more content…

For example, in the study ' 'an initial pilot procedure was conducted using 12 female year 7 pupils ' ' (Elliott & Hoyle, 2014, pg 6). This increases reliability, validity and gains some feedback from the respondents based on whether the questionnaire can be easily understood (Cohen,. et al, 2011). In contrast, to interviews this can be difficult to achieve because the researcher asks a slightly different question to each participant according to the flow of discussion and compared to questionnaires, interviews are time-consuming to carry out a trial (Cohen,. et al, 2011). Another benefit is that the researcher can collect a large amount of data in a short amount of time. The evidence is in the article where the researcher hands the questionnaires to the teacher so he can give it to the students, and explains how to administer the questionnaire (Elliot & Hoyle, 2014). This shows the researcher saves time. Compared to interviews, questionnaires are easy to analyze and results can be generalize to get an overview of why girls do not want to participate in physical Education (Elliott & Hoyle, 2014). However, generalization is difficult in interviews because different people have different opinions. One weakness I found in this article was the questionnaire design as the researcher used rating scales. For example, the researcher provided two options which were ' '1= strongly disagree and

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